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Cuppa Connections Podcast

Immerse yourself in diverse cultures through the captivating Cuppa Connections Podcast. Delve into a world of meaningful conversations, fueled by a shared love for coffee, as we explore the rich tapestry of human experiences. Join us on this enlightening journey of savoring relationships and deepening connections.


Featured Episode

Revolutionizing your Barbecue with the Perfect Coffee Roast

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Can you imagine savoring your favorite grilled summer salad with a perfectly paired coffee cocktail? Picture a medium roast Colombian or Guatemalan coffee, enhanced with a hint of raw sugar, served chilled using large ice cubes or ice balls to avoid dilution, and topped with frozen berries for an unexpected flavor twist. That’s what food and coffee connoisseur, Lisa Record, brings to our table in this exciting episode of Couple Connections.

Our gastronomic adventure doesn’t stop there! We journey with Lisa through Michigan’s distinct barbecue tradition and learn how to perfectly grill venison tenderloin. We also connect with local coffee roaster guru, Portia White. Portia opens us up to the world of local coffee roasting, sharing insights on how finding the perfect roast can considerably elevate your meal. So, plug in your headphones and get ready for a delicious experience that promises to transform your summer grilling narrative. 

We hope you enjoy.

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