Berkeley, CA

Gold Stars for the Coffee and Customer Service

Written by Portia White

I visited this neighborhood coffee shop in Berkeley, CA within the Gourmet Ghetto District with my friend Malaika Paul, which was hands down, the best customer service experience that I have had from all the coffee houses that I have been to.

We walked in, and the atmosphere was filled with students and the rest of the working world trying to get that ‘Monday coffee buzz’ to wake up. The most enthusiastic and delightful server addressed us and explained how to pick the coffee best suited for us and our needs. My love for coffee runs deep, deep like the roots of an old southern oak tree. So I’m leery when people boast about how great there coffee is supposed to be, and it turns out to be a failure. BUT, when I took that first sip of coffee, called Sound the Alarm, it put me in coffee heaven.


Even if I lived an hour away from Philz, I would have driven for this cup-of-joe, because that was how great my experience was that day.

This Philz that we visited in 2015 was alive and vibrant with college students and its working regulars, but unfortunately as of 2019, this Philz Coffee CLOSED, but I had to share our experience when we visited Philz in The Gourmet Ghetto District with you. It will be missed, but have no fear coffee lovers there are plenty of locations in California ranging from San Francisco, to Los Angeles on down to San Diego. I’m sure when you stop by one of them you will get that stellar customer service and enjoy a wonderfully aromatic and delicious single origin cup of coffee.

Want To Visit?

The Berkley location is CLOSED, but one of many open Philz Coffee locations is:

Philz Coffee

In the Third Street Promenade

525 Santa Monica Blvd.

Santa Monica, CA 90401

(310) 451-9500

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  1. What an extraordinary experience, being in Berkeley around so much culture drinking beautiful coffee brewed authentically for people who appreciate it.
    Not to mention the atmosphere where people are so alive and engaged in life.
    It’s a coffee experience you want to have daily.
    Life is better with a cup of coffee.

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