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Coffee on “The One” in Aruba

I kept driving past this cafe as Cate and I embarked on another one of our daily adventures, until finally I stopped by Antesala Cafe in Saveneta. Frederick and his wife had a dream of owning a coffee shop, and their dreams came true.

They positioned the cafe in a perfect spot beside Route 1, “The One”, as the locals called it. The location was great for visitors like us and the locals who needed that cup-o-joe before they drive to the northern part of the island for shopping, beach going, or work.

They also serve delicious homemade cakes. Look at the Red Velvet and Prune cakes above. Don’t they look scrumptious?


The cafe served Blanco Royal Coffee, a company based in the Netherlands. All of their coffee beans are from  Rainforest Alliance certified plantations. I chose the Strong Stubborn bean because I needed something to kick me in the bikini that morning. True to its words, Strong and Stubborn, kicked my bikini wearing self to Baby Beach. It was strong and robust but smooth, with a hint of chocolate. I loved it!

My wife was the fish that day, swimming everywhere. Not me. I sat my happy behind down under a tree, listened to the waves while sipping my Kaffie, as the Netherlands write it. Perfect choice as the temperature was in the mid 80s.

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