La Carreta

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Miami International Airport, FL

My First Taste of Cuban Coffee

Written by Portia White

Miami International Airport near the American Airlines gates has a hidden gym, La Carreta. It serves the best Cuban coffee and pastries. We were minding our own business waiting for our flight when one of Cate’s friends, a flight attendant, saw that we were on Facebook at the airport and made a suggestion to try La Carreta’s coffee, and she also said, “The pastries are to die for and, this is where everyone goes to get the best coffee.”
Being the coffee lover that I am, I mozzied along trying to find this place, and sure enough, I couldn’t miss it with the big gold sign and airport staff, pilots, and flight attendants standing around the little cafe tables beside the pick up counter, as they were getting a quick pick me up to carry them through their day.
As I asked the cashier for a small coffee, he asked me if I wanted American or Cuban coffee. Without hesitation, I jumped at the opportunity to taste my first Cuban cup of coffee. It came in a tiny cup, and if you don’t tell the barista anything, sugar is added to the coffee. It’s the little things, such as trying new coffees, that excites me. I didn’t try the pastries because I had already eaten, but as you can tell by our reaction, it was strong enough to put hair on our chests but  delicious. This small cup is how they serve it, and trust me, that’s all you need. Just like I love, coffee STRONG AND SASSY. The only thing I regret is not buying a bag of coffee beans to take home with us. Oh well, until the next flight.

Want To Visit?

La Carreta
In the Miami International Airport
Miami, FL 33126
(305) 869-3003

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